From: Semih OrcanP

Sent: Saturday, December 04, 1999 8:14 AM

To: White, Charlyn Kay (Charlyn)

Subject: Re: High School

Dear Charlyn,

I found my Pattonville yearbook. So now everything's much easier. I can easily recall who's who. I guess you are the "pilot" of this reunion. I better tell you my story instead of writing to everybody in detail. When I came back from US, I started Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Engineering in Ankara-Turkey. Of course I was still in contact with Meyers and also some of my American friends, writing to each other. But "those were the days"... of political disturbances everywhere in the World: Vietnam War, Black movement in USA; Middle East dispute, Chekoslavakian invasion by the Russians; '68 youth movement in all Europe... It was impossible for Turkey to be out of these disturbances. Political movements were highly spread in all Turkish Universities.

I was also involved in one of the socialist organizations, got arrested and put into prison for fairly long time. That was the end of my communication with my American friends and family. I lost my mother and father when I was in Jail. Then I got out, finished the University, and got married in 1976. I have a daughter of 20. She's in the university studying "media and communication". I have been working for a Swedish company for almost 13 years. It's a quite a big international company in domestic and professional appliances business sector. I am the general manager (or you Americans call it "president") of the company for 4 years.

We have a lot of affiliated companies also in USA e.g. Frigiadaire, White Westinghouse, Taping, Kelvinator etc. so I find opportunities to visit US at least once a year. My brother in law also lives in New York. So that's another reason to come to US once in a while and in fact I visited the USA at least 7-8 times in the last 5 years. Every time I came, I tried to find the track of Meyers, but in vein. While I was telling " my American story" to one of my young computer genius staff, he advised me the Internet. I took his word and it took only ten minutes to find the telephone number of Meyers. While I was surfing in the Internet in those address books, I met that web page of classmates. That's how I got in contact with you. I must tell you it's one of the most pleasant things I have experienced in my life lately.

I have plans to spend a part of my summer holiday in Missouri next year. Meyers live in the countryside close to St. Louis, in Patton. I hope we can arrange a meeting where we can be together with many of you. Looking forward to hearing from you...